Do you have any tips & tricks for jump starting a vehicle?

  • While it is possible to start most vehicles when the jump starter has a charge below 70%, a more powerful boost is available at higher charge levels. We recommend boosting with a charge level as close to 100% as possible.

  •  Most engines should start within less than 3 seconds. Do not crank for more than 5 seconds continuously, as you may cause damage or overheating to the jump starter and/or the INTELLIBOOST cables.

  •  If your vehicle fails to start or turn over, please ensure that the light on the INTELLIBOOST cables is green (indicating "READY TO BOOST") before re-attempting to start your vehicle. If the light is red and/or you hear a beeping sound, that indicates a failed connection. A possible cause of this is reverse polarity. Please ensure that the clamps are securely attached to their corresponding battery terminals (red to positive, black to negative).

  •  If the light is continuously flashing red/green (detecting a safe connection), power will not flow. This could be caused by a number of issues, try the following to resolve this:

    1. Wiggle the clamps to ensure a proper connection.

    2. Low draw: Certain vehicles such as lawnmowers, boats, ATVs, etc, do not draw power until the vehicle is being started or accessories such as lights are turned on. Try turning on an accessory to see if this draw turns the light green.

  • In cold weather or for vehicles that are more difficult to start (older, in poor mechanical shape, vehicles that have been sitting for extended periods, etc) it may be necessary to make a few start attempts. Crank the vehicle for no more than 5 seconds at time and allow the jump starter to cool off for at least 60 seconds between attempts. If the vehicle fails to start after trying 5 times, we recommend using an alternate method to get the vehicle going or consulting a mechanic.

  • If you have verified that all is in order but you still cannot get your vehicle going, a final option is to use the override feature. (Please see "IS THERE A WAY TO OVERRIDE THE INTELLIBOOST FEATURE IF MY VEHICLE IS HARD TO START?", in the "AFTER YOU BUY" section of our FAQs.)

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