Do you have any tips & tricks for laptop charging?

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  • Due to the sheer variety of laptops and laptop manufacturers on the market, we cannot guarantee that the unit will charge your laptop. In most cases it will, but in some cases it will only power your laptop. This is normal and is a limitation of the laptop's charging restrictions. We offer 9 of the most common laptop tips at (also included with the RG1000 Safety Plus), but there are dozens of other tips on the market from other sellers that may be better suited for your laptop.

  • Our jump starters are equipped with a battery optimized for high discharge boosting of your vehicle and is a different battery composition that what your laptop came with. It is a great backup for your laptop, but it is not designed to replace the battery in your laptop. The RG1000 features a 39Wh battery, many laptops come with batteries that are 60Wh or greater, meaning that you should not expect the RG1000 to fully charge a dead laptop battery.