How do I charge my RG1000?

The RG1000 is available with 2 different charging options: Standard 15V/1A input or Micro-USB charging input. Please double check which charging option you have and follow the appropriate instructions below:

Standard 15V/1A Charging Input:

Step 1: Choose either 12V car charger or 110V home charger.

Step 2: Plug the charger end into the "INPUT 15V/1A" jack of the RG1000. Plug the other end of the charger into a wall outlet or 12V power outlet.

 Micro-USB Charging Input:

Step 1: Plug the small end (Micro-USB) of the included USB charging cable into the input port of the RG1000.

Step 2: Plug the large end (Standard USB) into any standard USB charging port.

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