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What is the size of the laptop charging port?

cate_2 Laptop Authored By Bold Apps

Input (size of the plug that goes into the jump starter): 4.0mm x 1.7mm Output: (size of the female port that the tips go into): 5.5mm x 2.1 mm 

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Can I use the air compressor in my cigarette lighter?

cate_2 jump starting Authored By Alchemy Imageworks

No. The air compressor has an EC5 power plug on the end which allows it to plug directly into the jump starting/power port of the jump starter. This allows the air compressor to be very portable and used anywhere.

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Can I bring it on a flight with me?

cate_2 RG1000 Authored By Daniel Bergstrom

Yes. Most airlines allow devices with batteries up 100-160 Watt Hour capacity to be brought on flights in carry-on baggage. The Watt hour rating of our RG1000 is 38.9, so well within the allowable limits. As rules do change however, we recommend you read the requirements for the airline you are flying with before attempting to board.

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What does the "circle button" do?

cate_2 Laptop Authored By Alchemy Imageworks

The circle button is used to: • Turn on the display (once the power switch is on) to see charge level and status. • Toggle the laptop output voltage between 12, 16 and 19V by pressing it quickly. • Initiates power flow to the USB charging ports • Turn on or off the flashlight by pressing the button for 2 seconds. (subsequent quick presses will toggle the 3 light modes)

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Can the negative cable be attached to a vehicle grounding bolt rather than to the battery's negative post?

cate_2 Authored By Alchemy Imageworks

Yes, the negative (black) clamp does not need to be connected directly to the vehicle battery, a grounding bolt or other solid ground connection will work just as good.

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