What is INTELLIBOOST and how does it work?

The INTELLIBOOST feature is a very useful one that we at RUGGED GEEK are quite proud of.

The intent behind this safety feature is to make jump starting safer, easier and to also protect the jump starter, to ensure a long life.

Jump Starter/Booster packs without this feature will simply send power to the cables regardless of what those cables are hooked to.

With the INTELLIBOOST cables on the RUGGED GEEK jump starters, the cables can be touched together and they won't spark.

When you first plug the cables into the jump starter, the light on them will alternate red/green.

Once you connect the cables to a battery on a vehicle that needs boosting, it will check to ensure the cables are connected to the right polarity (red to positive, black to negative).

If hooked up in reverse it will simply beep to let you know that this is not correct. It will then ensure the draw from the vehicle is proper. Assuming the INTELLIBOOST is hooked up properly, the light will turn solid green and you are ready to start your car.

The best process to use here is to plug the INTELLIBOOST cables into the jump starter and then connect them to your vehicle. Alternatively, you can also connect the cables to your vehicle first and then plug it in to your jump starter. Either way will work.

Turn the vehicle key to "ACC" accessory (that allows the INTELLIBOOST cables to ensure the draw is proper and there are no shorts), the light will go green and then start the vehicle. Or simply push the START button in newer vehicles.

One huge plus with these cables is that once the vehicle starts, the cables will detect the surge in power going back to the battery (from the vehicle's charging system) and will stop power from going back into the booster pack.

This is a strong safety feature as many inferior jump starter/booster packs do not have this protection. With those, if you are not quick to disconnect the pack from the battery after the vehicle starts, it could seriously damage the pack or worse.

With INTELLIBOOST from Rugged Geek, this is the safest and simplest way to jump start a vehicle.


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