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RG150 12V Portable Air Compressor

RG150 12V Portable Air Compressor for Rugged Geek RG1000 Portable Jump Starters. Can be used with any jump starter with an EC5 port.
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EC5 Cigarette Lighter Socket Adaptor for portable jump Starters wit...

This EC5 12V Cigarette Lighter Socked Adapter works with most 12V portable jump starters with an EC5 port.What's unique about our adapter is that it features low voltage cut off protection. What this means is that when the battery on your jump starter is getting low, this will cutoff power flowing to your 12V device. This is necessary since draining a lithium battery to zero charge can ruin the battery. Low voltage protection is critical to maintain the life and safety of your lithium jump starter.
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UL Listed North American 110V Wall Charger

North American 110V Wall Charger for the Rugged Geek RG1000 Portable Jump Starters. (not for units with a Micro-USB charging port) This is a quality, UL listed charger with 15V, 1A output.

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12V Replacement Car Charger for Rugged Geek RG1000 Portable Jump St...

12V Car charger for Rugged Geek RG500, RG600 and RG1000 portable jump starters. Has built in fuse.
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Rugged Geek Multi Purpose Hard Shell EVA Carrying Case

This premium EVA case is the perfect carrying case for your Rugged Geek jump starter and other electronics. With a foam insert, inside pouch and protecting divider it offers protection and function above most on the market.

For those RG1000 customers that want the added protection of a hard case. Note: The RG1000 Safety GEN2 and Safety Plus GEN2 both include a case.

Use it to protect all of your portable electronics or as a carrying case for just about anything that will fit.t. 

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RG3000 HD Portable Jump Starter & Power Supply

You wanted more power, well here it is. This will start your diesel truck and all your toys. The RUGGED GEEK RG3000 HD is a 3000A Portable 12V Jump Starter and Power Supply. It will start up to 10.0L Gas or up to 8.0L Diesel engines. It comes with quality metal frame clamps, an ultra-bright LED flashlight, 3x USB ports with Type-C for faster charging of all your portable devices. All packed into a rugged carrying case with accessories and water-resistant zippers. Weighing under 2.2 lbs, it will be with you when you need it, not left in your garage.

RUGGED GEEK jump starters are the only ones on the market featuring INTELLIBOOST® technology, taking the risk and fear out of jump starting by ensuring power only flows when it is safe to do so. INTELLIBOOST® makes it safe and easy to get you back on the road, back on the trail or back on the water. Don't be stuck trying to flag down a stranger or signal another person in the middle of nowhere. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars and hours of your time, waiting for a tow truck, if that’s even an option. With the RG3000 HD you can boost your own vehicle safely and be on your way in seconds.

Key Features:

  • Class leading 3000A portable emergency lithium jump starter and power supply.
  • Can safely jump start any 12V vehicle with up to a 10.0L Gas engine or up to an 8.0L Diesel engine.
  • IP65 rated design with tire tread corners for protection, featuring covered ports to keep the elements out, water, dirt or sand.
  • INTELLIBOOST® safety technology protects against reverse polarity, over-heat and more, making it safe and easy for anyone to use. Power only flows when it is safe to do so.
  • Quality metal frame clamps for durability and a secure connection. No more broken plastic clamps.
  • USB Type-C (15W MAX) charging in and out, for fast charging speeds and 1x high speed QC3.0 USB and 1x regular USB Type-A port.
  • Rugged carrying case to keep everything organized, safe and easy to transport between vehicles.
  • Ultra-Bright LED flashlight with Solid, Strobe and SOS modes for additional safety, protection and convenience.

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