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What is INTELLIBOOST and how does it work?

The INTELLIBOOST feature is a very useful and one that we at RUGGED GEEKare quite proud of.

The intent behind this safety feature is to make jump starting safer, easier and to also protect the jump starter, to ensure a long life.

Jump Starter/Booster packs without this feature will simply send power to the cables regardless of what those cables are hooked to.

With the INTELLIBOOST cables on the RUGGED GEEK jump starters, the cables can be touched together and they won't spark.

When you first plug the cables into the jump starter, the light on them will alternate red/green.

Once you connect the cables to a battery on a vehicle that needs boosting, it will check to ensure the cables are connected to the right polarity (red to positive, black to negative).

If hooked up in reverse it will simply beep to let you know. It will then ensure the draw from the vehicle is proper. Assuming all is hooked up properly, the light will turn solid green and you are ready to start your car.

The best process to use here is to plug the INTELLIBOOST cables into the jump starter and then connect them to your vehicle.

Turn the vehicle key to "ACC" accessory (that allows the INTELLIBOOST cables to ensure the draw is proper and there are no shorts), the light will go green and then start the vehicle. Or simply push the START button in newer vehicles.

One huge plus with these cables is that once the vehicle starts, the cables will detect the surge in power going back to the battery (from the vehicle's charging system) and will stop power from going back into the booster pack.

This is a strong safety feature as many inferior jump starter/booster packs do not have this protection. With those, if you are not quick to disconnect the pack from the battery after the vehicle starts, it could seriously damage the pack or worse.

This is the safest and simplest way to jump start a vehicle.

If you want to see it in action, check out

What is the difference between the RG600 and the RG1000?

The key difference between the two is the max boosting power offered.

The RG1000 is rated for 1000peak amps enabling boosting of gas vehicles up to 7.0L and diesel engines up to 3.5L. The RG600 is rated for 600 peak amps, perfect for boosting gas engines up to 6.0L and diesel engines up to 3.0L.

To allow for this extra power, the RG1000 features a thicker gauge cable for the clamps, upgraded INTELLIBOOST circuitry and a larger capacity battery. This larger battery also provides about 10% more charging capacity for USB/Laptops.

Other differences are the included accessories and packaging: The RG600 comes in a hard, plastic case and includes a 3in1 USB cable (micro, lightning and 30pin Apple), laptop tips, car charger and wall charger.

The RG1000 comes in an attractive cardboard box and includes a soft carrying pouch to make it easy to fit in a glove box or other small area. It also includes an updated 3in1 USB cable with lightning, micro-usb and USB Type C ends. As well it includes a car and wall charger.

What is the difference between the RG1000 Safety and RG1000 Safety Plus?

Both versions include the same jump starter and INTELLIBOOST cables, the key difference between these two versions is the included accessories and the packaging.

The Safety version comes with the jump starter, the INTELLIBOOST cables, the wall and car charger, an easy-to-read user manual, a 3-IN-1 USB cable (with USB type-C) and a soft carrying pouch. All packaged in a rugged box.

*(Please note... the Safety version does not include the laptop cable and tips.)

Laptop cable and tips can be purchased separately, as well as the air compressor.

The Safety Plus version comes with all of the items above, as well as the included 150 PSI portable air compressor, a laptop cable and 9 of the most common laptop tips. This is all packaged in a hard shell, zippered, functional EVA case.

Please refer to the images on each individual product page for clarification or just ask us.


Will this really boost my vehicle?

People are skeptical when they first see the physical size of the RUGGED GEEK jump starters and how small they really are.

Then when it is used to start their vehicle, they are a believer and they want to know where to buy one.

The RG1000will start up to a 7.0L Gas engine and up to a 3.5L Diesel engine, however, we always get stories of people starting even more powerful vehicles.

How many times can I boost a vehicle on 1 single charge?

Multiple times.

This will depend on certain factors, like the size of the engine and the mechanical condition of the engine, the temperature outside and the condition of the vehicle battery you are boosting.

As an example, you should get 20+ jump starts on a Honda Civic on 1 single charge.

Is this only a jump starter?

If it was only a jump starter it would be a very valuable, money-saving emergency tool.

But there is so much more.

It is a multi-purpose tool that should be in every vehicle for emergency situations.

You can use it to safely jumpstart your car, truck, van, motorcycle, boat, SUV,ATV or UTV.

In addition to this feature, it has dual INTELLI-USB charging ports to charge your smart phones, tablets, portable GPS, GoPro cameras, Android and iOS devices.

Alsothere is a dedicated laptop charging port and an extremely bright, 3-mode, LED flashlight. (Steady ON, SOS and Strobe) All the vital info is displayed on a bright and clear LCD screen. No more guessing how much charge you have remaining.

How long will it hold a charge for?

1-2% discharge rate per month.

For reference... a traditional lead acid battery will discharge at a rate of 4-6% per month.

Therefore you can pull the unit out of your vehicle in 1 year and approx have 80-90% charge remaining.

Enough charge to jumpstart in an emergency situation. We always recommend keeping your RUGGED GEEK jump starter 100% charged in case of an emergency.

Can I leave it in my vehicle in the middle of a hot summer or a cold winter?

Yes, it is safe in your vehicle in the hot and cold. The advertised temp range for the RUGGED GEEK jump starters is -22°F to 122°F.

What is the warranty?

All RUGGED GEEK products come with a 12 Month Hassel-Free Limited Warranty.

We are regular users of our products and we stand behind them.

We take our customer service very seriously and want all of our customers to be happy customers.

Will it really put out 1000 Amps?

Yes it will, in fact we have tested it well above that number.

The actual amount it outputs depends on what the draw is from the vehicle you have connected it to of course, but we are confident it will boost up to 7.0L Gas and up to 3.5L Diesel engines.

How many mAh is it?

We rate the capacity in Wh as it takes out the variable of voltage.

The RG1000 is rated at 39Wh 60c discharge. This is calculated using 10,500mah @ 3.7V.

The reason Wh is a more accurate measure of capacity is that there are many products on the market with an inflated mAh rating.

They achieve this inflated rating by using a lower voltage than actual.

We use high discharge rate Grade A lithium cells in all of our jump starters.

Will it work with push button start vehicles?

Yes it will work with push button vehicles. Once everything is connected properly then simply push the start button to start the vehicle.

Will it charge my laptop, Microsoft Surface or Apple MacBook?

With the Safety Plus version, we have included 9 of the most common laptop tips.

As there are so many makes and models of laptops on the market, over the years, we have included 9 of the most popular.

Laptop "tip G" is what is required along with the adapter cables that can be purchased on or or at your local retailer.

For the Microsoft Surface you will need to buy a separate adapter at the following link:

For the Apple MacBook you will need to buy a separate adapter at the following link:

Can I bring it on a flight with me?

Yes. Most airlines allow devices with batteries up 100-160 Watt Hour capacity to be brought on flights in carry-on baggage.

The Watt hour rating of our RG1000 is 38.9Wh, so well within the allowable limits.

As rules do change however, we recommend you read the requirements for the airline you are flying with before attempting to board. Air Canada’s rules can be found at:

How many times will it charge my iphone or android?

This depends on the type of phone you have. Generally speaking however, you should get 3-4 charges of an average smart phone.

How long does it take to charge?

Charging will take approx 3-4 hours from 0% to 100% with the included wall charger. The car charger will take a little longer as it charges at a lower voltage than the wall charger.

Will it start a vehicle with no battery in it?

Yes or No. Depending on the vehicle. Certain vehicles will not allow the vehicle to start without the physical presence of a battery.

Can I use this to jump start by boat, tractor, ATV or other?

Yes, you can use RUGGED GEEK jump starters to jump start any 12V system with a motor up to 7.0L Gas and up to 3.5L Diesel engines.

Are there any safety concerns with this product?

The INTELLIBOOST cables make this jump starter one of the safest on the market.

The power will not flow until the unit is hooked up correctly. It will simply beep at you if the cables are hooked up to the wrong battery terminal.

You no longer need to worry about the cables coming into contact with the metal on your vehicle either.

You can hook the INTELLIBOOST cables together once they are plugged into the jump starter and it will only beep at you in error.

No more worries!!! Safety first!!!

Will this work to charge my vehicle battery?

No, it will not charge a vehicle battery. RUGGED GEEK jump starters are designed to boost a vehicles battery in an emergency situation.

They will not charge the battery.

Will the air compressor blow up my big off road tire?

Yes, but it may take some time depending on the size of the tire. It is designed to inflate an average passenger car tire that is completely flat in about 7-10 minutes so plan accordingly if you are using this on large, off road tires.

Do I need to immediately disconnect the cables one the vehicle starts?

Once your vehicle requiring a boost is started, there is no need to quickly run and disconnect the cables.

The INTELLIBOOST cables will stop power from flowing back into the jump starter, therefore providing a safe environment for you, the jump starter and your vehicle.

I can’t get the green light to come on when trying to boost my vehicle, what’s wrong?

The green light on the INTELLIBOOST cables turns solid green to indicate that the jump starter is properly connected to a vehicle and is ready to boost.

When the green light is on, it means power is flowing from the jump starter to the vehicle and you can go ahead and start the vehicle.

The green light comes on when the INTELLIBOOST senses a draw from the vehicles electrical system.

In most boosting scenarios, this green light will come on when you first connect the jump starter to the vehicle battery. If it does not, don’t worry, just go ahead and start the vehicle.

As soon as you turn the key/press the button to start it, INTELLIBOOST will sense the draw from the starter and send power to get you going.

My vehicle doesn’t have an accessory mode, how do I boost?

Simply connect the INTELIBOOST cables to the vehicle needing boost and turn the key/press the start button.

Accessory mode is not required to jump start. The only advantage with having an accessory mode is that you can turn it to accessory and have the green light on the INTELLIBOOST cables light up to tell you that the connection is proper before attempting to start your vehicle.

Without seeing this green light, you are still able to start your vehicle, the light will go green as soon as it senses a draw from the starter and power will flow as needed.

Do I need to register the product to qualify for warranty?

It is not necessary to register the product to quality for warranty.

However, it will be necessary to keep your proof of purchase (receipt) to validate your purchase date in the event of a warranty claim.

Registering your product speeds up the process as we would have your information and purchased date on file.

This way we would not need to request that info from you. It also allows us to keep you up to date on updates and product changes.

Where do I find a laptop charging tip for my laptop?

There are many suppliers of laptop charging tips on the market. We offer 9 of the most popular tips on the market, however we understand this does not cover all laptops on the market. Additional tips to cover a wider range of laptops can be purchased on amazon, as an example:

How do I use the voltage feature for the laptop charging?

The laptop output port can toggle between 12, 16 or 19V output to accommodate the power needs of various laptops on the market.

For safety, the initial output when turning the jump starter ON is always at the lowest setting (12V).

To change the output simply press the circle button quickly, each press will toggle between 12-16-19V with the voltage output displaying on the LCD display.

Once it is at the right setting and the laptop is charging, the “OUT” light on the display will come on telling you that power is now flowing.

My USB device isn’t charging as fast as it should, why not?

There are many types of USB devices on the market and even more brands of cables on the market.

Not all USB devices are capable of charging at high speed. The speed at which your USB device can charge is determined by the USB device you are charging.

If your device can handle 2.1A high speed charging, it will draw that, however many devices are restricted to 1.0A input.

The USB cable being used is also a factor. Certain cables cannot handle high speed charging.

If you do not feel your device is charging as fast as it could, we suggest trying a few different USB cables to see if that might be the issue.

I’m having trouble charging it with my cigarette lighter adapter?

More often than not the issue is that the cigarette lighter in the vehicle is not working.

Sometimes this is from a blown fuse in the vehicle or it’s a lighter port that is only powered when the vehicle is running.

In rare cases, some cigarette lighter ports in vehicles simply do not put out enough voltage to charge the jump starter.

This is rare and usually only the case when the vehicle is not running and the vehicle battery is low.

Can the negative cable be attached to a vehicle grounding bolt rather than to the battery's negative post?

Yes, the negative (black) clamp does not need to be connected directly to the vehicle battery, a grounding bolt or other solid ground connection will work just as good.

What does the "circle button" do?

The circle button is used to:
• Turn on the display (once the power switch is on) to see charge level and status.
• Toggle the laptop output voltage between 12, 16 and 19V by pressing it quickly.
• Initiates power flow to the USB charging ports
• Turn on or off the flashlight by pressing the button for 2 seconds. (subsequent quick presses will toggle the 3 light modes)

Can I bring it on a flight with me?

Yes. Most airlines allow devices with batteries up 100-160 Watt Hour capacity to be brought on flights in carry-on baggage.

The Watt hour rating of our RG1000 is 38.9, so well within the allowable limits.

As rules do change however, we recommend you read the requirements for the airline you are flying with before attempting to board.

Can I use the air compressor in my cigarette lighter?

No. The air compressor has an EC5 power plug on the end which allows it to plug directly into the jump starting/power port of the jump starter.

This allows the air compressor to be very portable and used anywhere.

JOLT5 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

RG500 Jump Starter User Manual

RG600 Jump Starter User Manual

RG1000 Jump Starter User Manual

What is the size of the laptop charging port?

Input (size of the plug that goes into the jump starter): 4.0mm x 1.7mm

Output: (size of the female port that the tips go into): 5.5mm x 2.1 mm 

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