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TIREGEEK MULTI-PRO Digital Tire Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge with LED Light

TIREGEEK MULTI-PRO Digital Tire Pressure & Tread Depth Gauge with LED Light

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  • PRECISION TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE: The RUGGED GEEK TireGeek Multi-Pro features a highly accurate digital tire pressure gauge that delivers precise readings (0-150 PSI, 0-10 Bar, 0-1000 Kpa, 0-10 Kg/cm²), allowing you to ensure your tires are always at the optimal pressure.
  • RELIABLE TREAD DEPTH MEASUREMENT: This tool also incorporates a dependable digital tire tread depth gauge that measures from 0-18/32 inch or 0-15 mm.
  • LARGE BACKLIT DIGITAL DISPLAY: This multi-use gauge provides clear visibility in low-light or nighttime conditions. Its intuitive operation, easy-to-read backlit digital display, and automatic power-off function make it convenient and straightforward for users of all skill levels.
  • SAFETY-FIRST WITH BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT: Ensuring proper tire pressure and tread depth reduces the risk of blowouts, accidents, and improves gas mileage, contributing to a smoother and safer ride. A built-in flashlight further enhances safety by providing illumination in low-light conditions. This multi-functional tool is an essential addition to your vehicle maintenance routine, promoting optimal road safety.
  • COMPACT, LIGHT, AND HANDY: At only 45 grams, the RUGGED GEEK TireGeek Multi-Pro Gauge balances durability with portability. Its compact size fits easily in small spaces, and the added keychain makes it readily accessible, perfect for everyday use or emergencies.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: Comes with 2 CR2032 batteries, simply remove the back cover and pull the tab prior to first use. 


Introducing the RUGGED GEEK TireGeek Multi-Pro: a reliable, portable tool designed to provide optimum convenience and safety for your tire maintenance needs. This precision tire pressure gauge employs advanced technology to deliver accurate readings within the range of 0-150 PSI, 0-10 Bar, 0-1000 Kpa, and 0-10 Kg/cm², enabling you to maintain ideal tire pressure at all times. Additionally, the dependable tire tread depth gauge extends the functionality of this device, providing accurate measurements from 0-18/32 inch or 0-15 mm. These integrated features equip you with the knowledge to anticipate and prevent potential tire issues, contributing to the longevity of your vehicle's performance.

The TireGeek Multi-Pro offers exceptional ease of use, boasting a large, backlit digital display for superior visibility in all lighting conditions. It offers an automatic power-off function and intuitive operation that simplifies tire maintenance for users of varying skill levels. The safety-first approach is evident in the built-in flashlight, designed to enhance visibility in low-light conditions and mitigate risks during roadside emergencies. The lightweight, compact design weighs only 45 grams, offering a balance of portability and durability. It fits effortlessly in confined spaces, and the convenient keychain attachment ensures it's always within reach. The RUGGED GEEK TireGeek Multi-Pro Gauge is more than just a tire maintenance tool—it's an investment in your safety and the longevity of your vehicle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Tina K.
"Big Display, Big Help"

The large LED display is a big help, especially in poor lighting. It's an excellent tool.

Craig D.
"Safety Must-Have"

A must-have for car safety. The tire tread depth gauge is really helpful.

Sarah G.
"Smart and Compact"

Smart, compact, and the LED display is a lifesaver in the dark.

Billy J.
"Top Quality Gauge"

This is a top-quality gauge. It's really handy having the LED display.

"Powerful in Small Package"

Small tool with powerful features. The LED display and tread depth gauge make it a keeper.

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